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Sitges School Painters”  is a  group of artists, of international fame, with different styles and varied topics that work in the population of Sitges or its surroundings, inside the district of the Garraf.

The different techniques used for each one of the members of the group, offers a wide fan of drawing possibilities and painting; oil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, wax crayon, pencils, Chinese ink, gouache, lithographs,… have more than enough different supports as canvas, paper, paper of rice, panel, glass,ceramics tile… with diverse topics, urban landscapes, typical corners, rag fair,  terraces of coffee, tables with chinas, florid corners, seascape, industrial landscapes, internal factory, figure, portraits, landscapes, flowers,… what allows us to sell to museums, private collections, personal, …and to carry out order for gifts, murals for the decoration of big surfaces, illustration of books…

 Sitges is a population in front of the sea, located in the Mediterranean coast, to 40 Km. to the south of Barcelona and of their airport, very communicated by earth, sea and air, famous for their beaches integrated in the urban nucleus and the cliffs of Garraf or costs of West, with their granitic masses whose form is very varied, and that they give name to this district

The district of the Garraf and their coast, it has been and it continues being, numerous painters' that have captured in their canvases the infinite variety of their contrasts and colors, inspiration what has given as a result that this district is very well-known.

In their oriental part, in perspective from the sea, the beautiful image of their rocks and beaches, of their villages and urban nuclei, they appear as stuffed in a picture of unmistakable contrast of light and color of nonpareil beauty The light that surrounds Sitges, as well as the sea Mediterranean that takes a bath their beaches and costs make of Sitges a privileged place for the artists lovers of the light and of the color