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Francesc Sillué
Francesc Sillué, is a painter with a restless spirit, born on the 24th of February, 1936 in Barcelona. This woutd later cause the mature expressive painter to cast his artist's eye upon open-air markets, antique stands, flocks of pigeons on the cobbles and dolls shop windows. These apparently disparate scenes would all be expressed with the same longing, a result of his childhood experiences, to separete and savour each and every detail in a barrage of aromas and colours that he creates with a nutural touch.  José Maria Cadena


Isidre Cistaré
The powerful expressiveness, almost impetuous, that identifies the message of Cistaré, impacts because of the emotional charge that you can feel when looking at his work. The landscape, just as the artist shows, is a scene of a titanic fight in which the extremely material's density of the pigments achieves a valuable content because the relief and the roughness that Cistaré searches and expresses reveals an additional way of interpretation. He is an artist with considerable capacity to manage different genres of creation. Cistaré paint flowers, and death nature topics with the same strength of the prestigious landscape painters as he is also. The identical chromatic force, the same material's density and the colours' rhythm are obtained thanks to the inherent gestures of the artist's personality.
Rafael Kyoga-Berliner
  Rafael Kyoga_Berliner


Joaquim Budesca.
It will be in the interpretation of water, with its movement and reflections, where the painter will find models of a great artistic affectivity, which will allow him to investigate. With this criteria new big formats appear, daring and brave, made with a happy and free spirit, composed of forms marking deceptive modulations of the chromatic substance. There are no angles, no edges...only apparent forms, mobile and brilliant, stemming from a low of chromatic illusions. In his visions of the sea, Budesca discovers that the importance does not lie in the exterior of things, but in their internal qualities. A feeling which makes him leave anatomy aside and the framing of apparent forms, and remits him to coloured matter, which he trust implicitly. This is the idea behind paintings such as 1984 and 1980, pieces which are  outstanding due to the subtlety of the chromatic values, particularly in the almost pure greens and blues, playing with a warm grey, with pinks and reds. Making these works the painter is in the plenitude of his faculties, and dominating the chosen technique..- Isabel Coll

Florencia Coll
The painting of Florencia Coll has the woman like main character. A woman that the own personality is built and that she looks at us, sure and curious, while she gets dressed - or she gets undressed who knows! - after the protection of a screen with seafaring reasons. Or that she goes for a walk in bicycle, balanced and with the hair to the wind, aware that it must exalt a femininity that feels in a natural way and that they make it attractive in their works. It wraps it an aura of sincerity in the expression that is their biggest grace.
Because Florence Coll possesses a fresh natural easiness to be expressed with the color. Their painting leaves of a reality that we could locate in the years 20, but it is current. That it doesn't remember situations last -swimmers with bathrobes to lines, very compound ladies that go of visit... - but rather modernity is noticed in the intention and in the way of solving the compositions. It leaves of an ingenuousness of well to make that doesn't drive toward the painting naïf, on the contrary, it elevates the creative sense of the works toward a way of making fully artistic.

Yoichi Tanabe
The representation of landscape is a limited invention of the wide and endless idea of nature, and thus, we have the natural landscape, the urban landscape, the spiritualized or the inner one; in all of them, anything that happens is like an event of the human. The boat is an allegory of the vital journey, it contains all the way of life and a world begins with it: it sails, it runs aground, it careens in the dock, and it sails again. The natural landscape, with its beautiful and cheerful  blossomed fields, with its deep channels and woods crossed by paths interrupted by vegetation, and which we don’t  know where they can take us, in their appearance, become a metaphor of the human as well.
In Tanabe’s landscape, some distant factories haven often appeared whose chimneys rise as symbols of social change. His painting, however, has been getting closer to the factory until it has entered it, analyzed it from the inside and after this introspective journey, the factory becomes a real inner landscape, a place for transformation, metamorphosis and creation, a place for the process of development of the complex inner world of man. Marga Perera

Manuel Blesa
The understanding of Manuel Blesa with the colored object, together to its constant interest to end up finding all the value and all the beauty that possess the different ceramic pieces, gives a series of groupings as a result fully gotten, and carried out with a solid and precise drawing, at the same time that with a coloring, based on a range of white that is sample of the good pleasure and of the artist's master.
Each one of the details, for more petty and more insignificant than it can seem at first sight, they are transported accurately and intensity to the canvas, being reason to demonstrate the artist's ability, and giving a series of delicate and light works as result.
Manuel Blesa moves amid the interior of his world and of that of his objects, being left in some moments to transport toward a world more than dream and more subjective, world that will be colored being served as brilliant colors, possibly to communicate better the mystery that suppose the colored elements for him. These compositions that are real aspects of a human unreality for a moment, make us to be in front of truly suggestive works. Therefore, in the painting of Manuel Blesa , doesn't only reproduce what the artist captures of an immediate reality, but rather in her she is something more deeper and personal, a feeling that is fruit of an emotional and intimate search.- Isabel Coll Mirabent