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In the first place you should visit the Virtual Exhibition (Virtual Gallery), to select the artwork that interests you and to contact with SitgesSchoolPainters using the enclosed form

Conditions of Sale and Shipment.

The sale price is the one assigned by the Artist, without frame

The artwork can send herself with frame, previous agreement

The shipping and handling and insurance of transport are in charge of the buyer, previous budget

. The shippings will be carried out, in accordance with the destination and transport, by lorry or airplane, with packing in plane or wrapped in a tube. The buyer can recommend the company of transport

Moreover, fine art can be imported into most countries (including the US) duty free.  A picture frame however, is liable for import tax.

The artwork will go baled, protected and with insurance of transport

The shipment was carried out in 2 days (national shippings) and in 4 days (international shippings), after order confirmation

The client will verify the artwork once received, for if some defect motivated by the transport exists, in which case he will carry out the opportune reclamation to the company of transport

Reservation order: Due to the fact that the artworks are original and unique pieces, you should send a reservation order, by e-mail (enclosed form), indicating the artwork or the artworks in which is interested,
SitgesSchoolPainters, will confirm, the availably and will inform on dimensions, technique, picture, forms and cost of shipment of the artwork, the artist's bank data, etc. will verify this way that the selected artwork is the one that wants to buy. This artwork will be reserved by a period of one month.

Order of Purchase: The purchase Order will come accompanied by the bank data corresponding to the made transfer. No artwork will send you until the entirety of the payment has not been received, except for agreement in against.

Forms of Payment: Bank Transfer, this  processes it can be carried out in any Bank, or  by Internet, to the Artist's account, in Eurus (€), Dollars (US$) or their equivalent one.

If, we have arranged to carry out the operation through the intermediary Entity, the norm and procedure settled down by the same one was respected (to see procedure in: http://www.escrow-europa.com)

Refunds: We are sure that you will be charmed with your artwork. However, you has one week to count of the reception date to check that the received artwork is of agreement with your purchase hope, of not being can return this way it. Once received and verified, we will return the money or we will send another artwork to change

Intellectual Property: The Intellectual Property of the artwork belongs to the artist, With the purchase of the artwork you don't buy the right of reproducing this artwork. If you want to acquire the right, please contact with sitgessc@sitgesschoolpainters.com to carry out the purchase, which should be transferred in writing with the artist's original signature.

The questions can be carried out for e-mail to: sitgessc@sitgesschoolpainters.com


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