Majolica Art
Artist:  Lluis MarcÚ i Gea  Sculptor-Ceramist

It is denominated  Majolica Art to the artistic representation on  ceramic tile 

The word Majolica procede of Latin " Majorica " that Mallorca, Island corresponding to the Balearic archipelago means (Spain), where was the origin of this manufacturing,  that has been in its beginning:

 "Pottery common with metallic enamels manufactured formerly by the Arab and the Spaniards that introduced it and they generalized in Italy"

In the realization of this technique the artist should know the technique of the painting and the technique of treatment of the ceramic tile in ovens of controlled temperature, he should also know in depth the characteristic ones chemical corresponding to the ceramic employee as support of his work, since he should control the oven temperature of  agreement  with the chemical composition of the used matters

Since the  Majolica Art consists on carrying out a artwork, painting on ceramic unfired instead of on canvas, like the painting artists carry out, he has the inconvenience that once finished of painting the ceramic, should be treated to fire, it should even be treated to fire intermediates phases  of the process of colored, with the rising danger that if the composition of the materials employees, is not the appropriate one to the subjected being to high temperature the ceramic it breaks

The pigments of used colors, should be carefully chosen and blended, since when reacting with the temperature they change totally, for what the artist should think in the final color, painting with a pigment that he considers that once concluded the process of different temperatures has the color wanted for its work

The treatment to fire of the tile ceramics once colored,  is carried out with a special technique and inside some ovens of controlled temperature, the process needs to be treated with different temperatures and even with intermediate contribution of painting or material that it fuses to other temperatures what motivates the extraction of the oven of the pieces, to add painting or matter, and be introduced again in the oven,  this process repeats several times with different temperatures, receiving the denomination of "multicooking process."

The whole group, is slow and laborious and some good technical knowledge of the whole process are required like this way same some appropriate facilities. One of the few artists that at the moment work with this technique it is the "Sitgetano" Lluis MarcÚ i Gea that works in Sitges (Spain) where he has their study with all the necessary elements to carry out their artworks. R.G.

Lluis MarcÚ  es basically a muralist, a man that needs the big spaces to create. Their exhibition is as an advance of murals .Obtain spaces in those that the color is integrated fully, being conjugated with the concrete thing. The technical success the discovery product of the knowledge and of the status, they occupy a part of their work; the rest this dedicated to concrete, finely defined representations, among those that is necessary to highlight feminine profiles carried out with a great sweetness, with a total softness. ... J. Llops (published in The Echo of Sitges")